About Us

Our Story

We spend the majority of our teen years focused on our futures, which, for the majority of us, is college. Even though we spend all of our time planning for it, we often forget how fortunate we are to have the resources that prepare us for our futures. These resources - like the AP courses available at our schools or private college counselors - are additional expenses that many families cannot afford. We created Envision Tomorrow for just this reason.

A few hours of test preparation could make or break your SAT or ACT score, and that score could make or break your chances at a scholarship or admissions to a financially appropriate school. At Envision Tomorrow, we want to emphasize the value of the smaller aspects of the college admissions journey, because we believe that the seemingly small parts of your high school experience will shape your tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Students connecting students in underserved communities with the resources needed to succeed in the college application process.

Vision Statement

Give every student in the Atlanta area the opportunity to achieve their goals beyond high school.

Core Values



Hard Work




Ellie Halpert


Ellie is a student at the University of Georgia. She is passionate about helping the underserved in her community. She wants Envision Tomorrow to bring the advantages she has taken for granted to those who don't have the same opportunities. She is so grateful to get to make a change!

Lauren Rubovitz


Lauren is a student at the University of Pittsburgh. She is majoring in Politics and Philosophy with a certificate in Sustainability. When she is not doing school work, you can find her outside enjoying nature and watching movies. She is excited to make her nonprofit dream a reality and is so grateful for all of your support in making it happen!

Meet Our Board Members!

Ava Halpert

CEO and Board Chair

Ava has always had a passion for helping others and volunteering throughout her community. She has turned that passion into action through Creating Connected Communities, Savvy Cyber Kids, and now as the CEO of Envision Tomorrow. She is so excited to help bridge the resource gap between high school students in the Atlanta area.

Avery Lipman

General Board Member

Avery does cheerleading and tumbling and loves spending time with her friends and family. She has always loved helping her community, whether through Creating Connected Communities, or by co-leading the Make-A-Wish Club at her school last year and now through Envision Tomorrow.

Annie Peng

General Board Member

Annie enjoys using her interests in piano and art to volunteer and help those within different communities. She has worked with Beta Club at her local art school to fundraise for underprivileged students in Malaysia, and is now looking forward to continuing her outreach as the program coordinator of Envision Tomorrow.

Heather Hutmacher

General Board Member

Heather has devoted her time to working with organizations such as BBYO, Student Leadership Johns Creek, and more to help bring change to surrounding communities in the area. She has always valued education and can not wait to help work on providing more resources for other high school students in the Atlanta area!

Romy Ress

General Board Member

Romy takes pride in helping others within and outside of her community. She is active both in and out of school and leads her own community as grade representative. She can’t wait to see all that we accomplish as a nonprofit!

Gavi Diamant

General Board Member

Gavi enjoys spending time with her friends, being outside, and listening to music. She is very enthusiastic about philanthropy and helping the community, and she can't wait to give other high school students access to more opportunities.

Lindsey Lampron

General Board Member

Lindsey is enthusiastic to serve as Donor Relations Manager for Envision Tomorrow! After spending the summer serving at a local food bank, Lindsey saw the difference teenagers can make in their local communities and hopes to do the same.

Johanna Epstein

General Board Member

Johanna is extremely passionate about volunteering and giving back to the community. After having participated in several community service projects, she is thrilled to continue her volunteering as a part of Envision Tomorrow!

Sophie Cohen

General Board Member

Sophie enjoys playing volleyball and spending time with her friends. She is also active in BBYO as the president of her chapter. Sophie is looking forward to working with the rest of Envision Tomorrows team to collect resources for other high school students in the Atlanta area.

Ava Kate Goldberg

General Board Member

Ava Kate enjoy spending her time with her friends and family. She loves volunteering with her family at food banks and is excited to take her volunteering to the next level with her role at Envision Tomorrow.

Leeya Ilan

General Board Member

Leeya loves playing volleyball, baking, and volunteering at the Israeli Scouts. She is very excited and passionate about the amazing change that Envision Tomorrow is doing!

Molly Marcus

General Board Member

Molly loves being able to help out her community through a variety of different organizations, some of which include her March of Dimes club, Mary Hall Freedom house, and now Envision Tomorrow. She is so excited to extend her volunteering experience to help high school students across Atlanta.